Get to know Brianne 


Brianne Pugh Functional Nutritionist

RN, BSN, Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

It has been fifteen years since I received my diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis an autoimmune thyroid disorder. In that time I have had 3 children, and built a career as a nurse. Women's health is so important and often ignored or dismissed in the medical community. I help women fast track their healing by getting to the root of their health issues using functional nutrition plans centered around food and supplement support.  

Though nutrition has always been my first line of self care, another area that is a major focus in my life is my movement practice. It is so therapeutic for me to move my body. I love it all, Crossfit, yoga, hiking, rowing crew (my newest love), weight lifting these are just a few of my favorites. Movement, nature and activity is so vital to healing and thriving in this world. Fatigue and joint pain is a huge issue with this autoimmune disease and without movement it only gets worse. Some days I need to make myself get started, but once I do I always feel better. Things have not always been easy in my healing. Using a functional medicine approach with an ND has helped me use food to heal along with supplements to support my needs at various times. I have had set backs including, adrenal fatigue or HPA-Axis dysfunction, and many successes along the way. I understand what it feels like to feel hopeless in regards to your health. At those times I find strength in my children, husband and the life we have built. 

Food can be healing or disease promoting, and learning what foods can heal is the most powerful tool anyone can have in their own health arsenal. Not all foods and diets work the same for everyone and in working with me you will learn how to listen to your body and help it heal. Having children is one of the hardest jobs our bodies can carry out as women, and the nutritional needs of the mother are often ignored after the pregnancy is over when baby is born. Helping women realize that “baby weight” isn’t a life long sentence they have to live with, and that they don’t have to accept that they are “just tired” because they are a mom is what drives me to into the work that I do. 

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