Easy Autoimmune Paleo Meatloaf

Food doesn't always have to be fancy, or sexy. Dinner sometimes is and can be something made in a hurry, that will last a couple of days. 

Lacking inspiration is real. It happens to the best of us. 

The other night that is just what happened in our house. I knew that I had 3 days of work coming up, the husband was still working in the yard, and the fridge was stocked with veggies, and plenty of raw meat but no food epiphanies. 

Meatballs? Um no that is no much work.

Ground meat? Um no that seems super boring, and preschooler might not enjoy it. 

Meatloaf? In a baking dish...Yep, that's the winner! 

So here it is a recipe for easy herbed meatloaf. Oh and did I mention that eggs are out right now in my world so autoimmune meatloaf it is. 

Autoimmune Paleo Herbed Meatloaf

2 LB ground turkey

2 LB ground beef

1 TBS Thyme

1 TBS Dill

1 TBS Marjoram 

1/2 TBS Onion powder

1/2 TBS Mustard powder

1 tsp Salt

Smoosh together all ingredients, press into 9x11 or 8x8 baking dish, bake on 375 for 35 min. Temp it to make sure it is done. 180 for poultry. 

Enjoy with roasted veggies or a big salad and some mustard to dip in. 




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