5 Steps to not going broke at the Farmers Market

Spring has sprung, after the wettest winter in Washington in a long time the sun is shining and all the things that come with it are out in full force. At the farmers markets we are starting to see different varieties of vegetables including many types of greens. As always there are fresh local meats which are wonderful quality and pasture raised (chicken, eggs, or pork) or grass fed (beef). 

The farmers market and the bounty that you can find there is unmatched. That being said so it the impact it can have on your wallet. Here are a few tips for not braking the bank when you are trying to feed your family on fresh, local foods. 

  1. Take your shopping list and use it. 
  2. Do a once over, walk around and check out different booths before buying. 
  3. Get the cheaper cuts of meat, round roasts go a long way and ground beef or ground meat is always cheaper but still packs a great nutrient punch. 
  4. Don't get sucked in to the random things. Trust me you don't need that super cute $5 card, or a hula hoop, and seriously your kid does not need their face painted. Not if the goal is to save money. 
  5. Stick to the basics veggies, fruit, and some meat and you should get out of there with ample money left in your wallet, and a fridge full of goodies. 

Even if you only get a couple of things off of your list enjoy the time at the market with your family. Get outside and get some fresh air. Give yourself time to wander. That is the best part. 

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