5 Tips to Make Meal Plan and Prep Successful

I love meal planning just like the rest of you…

You all do love meal planning right?

I mean what’s not to love?

You spend hours slaving over what to feed your family, you shop for all of the right ingredients, you come home ready to do a weeks worth of meal prep and then life happens.

I totally understand the there are so many moving parts when you are running a household, planning meals, shopping, forgetting at least one thing on your list, or having to go to three different grocery stores to get everything you need. I often shop at multiple stores and though this seems silly it really does help me stick to my list and get what I need to get for my family.

Meal planning is really just one tool in my tool box when I am meal prepping and preparing for the week ahead. In all honesty I do best when I have a few meals to focus on. There are so many ways to meal plan and or meal prep. Personally we love using Real Plan when we are planning meals. It gives you an amazing program to adjust to your families nutritional needs. If you eat paleo, there are plans for you, if you are a vegetarian there are plans for you and now if you are keto there are plans for you.

Meal planning and meal prepping are important when you are trying to create consistency in your eating habits and or change things up a bit. Prepping can be simple or challenging. It is important to make it fun.

Here are my 5 top tips for meal plan and prep!

  1. Just get started. Find a system or a meal plan that works. Real Plans, Healthful Pursuit, and Rebel Health all have meal plans to work from.
  2. Shop and put your food away. Now relax and review your game plan for prep day!

  3. Eat leftovers on meal prep day, who wants to make more food on meal prep day, unless it’s pancakes (because..pancakes) then make extra for the week.

  4. Prep 2-3 days of meals at a time.

  5. Always have cut up veggies, and cooked protein available for quick meals!

Ok, Rebel’s now go forth and meal plan. Give it a try. Let me know what works for you and what doesn’t. What are your favorite things when it comes to planning and prepping?

Mine are pancakes..and knowing that I don’t have to cook everyday that is also a plus.

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