Do we really need a multivitamin?

Do we really need a multivitamin?

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The coolest thing about nutrition science is that it is always evolving and changing. I love research but even for me it can get overwhelming. I mean seriously what diet should we be eating?





Meatless Monday?

The list goes on and on. After we decide on a diet then we have to contend with the zealots that tell you if you are not absolutely perfect in your choice that you won’t ever make any progress.

After diets we get to the argument about supplements. Here are my two cents on supplements.

  1. They can be helpful

  2. They need to come from a safe company that actually tests their products for purity

  3. Oversupplementation (the kitchen sink method) is super real even in the realm of Functional Medicine.

  4. It is an old practice started in the 50’s possibly sooner.

  5. There is a better way to support the body.

If you follow my facebook personal or business you might have seen me discuss oxidative stress or free radicals in relation to activation of genes. Activation of the body allows the body to

  1. Absorb more nutrients from food

  2. Turns you into an antioxidant making machine

  3. Can turn on pathways in the body that allow it to combat chronic illness

  4. Can work in line with some specific additional supplements.

In my case activation has helped my joint pain, improved my brain fog 98% and helped my IBS more then anything I had tried for nearly 3 years. Before activation I was taking 25 or more supplement pills a day with no benefit.

Does it mean we don’t need supplements if we activate. That will depend on you as a person. I still take extra Vitamin D, Selenium, and always use my essential oils. If I think about it I take a multivitamin a couple days a week.

I am super selective as to where I get my products (shocking I know), and value transparency in a company. All of the products I use come from reputable companies and my gene activator comes from a company that uses peer to peer education to get their products on the market.

If you want to know more feel free to message me on Facebook, IG, or even send me an email I would love to chat. I would love to help you get started on your Biohacking journey, but in reality if you have been following anything I write then you are already a biohacker.

Check out this video it explains it even better, and wait for the one to follow it is even better then the first!

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