Meals kept simple

Have you ever heard the old adage Keep It Simple Stupid. I heard it a lot in nursing school. That being said calling people stupid isn't very nice so let's use the word silly from now on. 

Meal prep for a family of 5 can be challenging to say the least. Currently this family includes a grouchy teen, a precocious preschooler, an independent toddler, and a husband who is in Naturopath school and lives in a different city 4 days a week. 

How do I even do it? Well I use my resources and I keep it simple silly. Resources for me do include family. 

A big shout out to the Rebel great auntie and Rebel grandma for sure, but I also have to manage my household in a functional manner to maximize time with the kids and the hubs. 

So back to keeping is simple. Here is a basic meal in our house. 

Protein: pick one you all might like. We enjoy most of them though baby doesn't always like fish. We cook a lot of ground beef, chicken and some pork in the form of bacon or shoulder that can be shredded. 

Fat: avocado, olives, olive oil, coconut oil or nuts and seeds. I top my salads with seed, and I give them as a side dish to the kiddos. They love pumpkin and sunflower seeds which are both rich in minerals needed to grow healthy tiny humans. 

Carbs: keep them complex and easy. We do roasted potato, sweet potato, or even plantain chips on the side. The kids get legumes and some grain mostly quinoa, or rice, though I am not above a decent blue corn chip for them either. Guess what they have selenium a much needed mineral that is lacking in many diets. 

Make a meal:

Pick a protein, fat and carb and cook it up. Add any spices or seasoning. I love the seasonings from Balanced bites, or even Trader Joe's. Toss on some avocado, seeds or even a decent dressing. Check out the Honey Mustard recipe below and enjoy. 

If you want extra carbs toss some berries or fruit on the side for a treat. 

Seriously food does not have to be sexy. If the kids like roasted potato, broccoli, and beef patties go for it. Turn it into a salad for you and an easy meal for them. If the hubs needs 7 portable meals to get him through the week do 7 burgers, and roast a pan of veggies. Boom done! 

Simple Honey Mustard Dressing

1 TBS Raw Honey 

1/4 cup brown mustard

1 TBS Apple Cider Vinagar

2 TBS Olive Oil or Avocado Oil 

1/2 tsp Dill 

Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake until well combined. 

I use this in on salads, or to dip meat balls in. It is not keto, and it is not sugar detox approved, but it is delicious and generally pretty darn versatile. If you are doing a sugar detox, you can simply omit the honey and have a yummy mustard vinagrette dressing ready to go at a moments notice. 


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Why you need me as your coach

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