Keto Snack Time!
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Dietary ketosis is seriously all the rage right now. You can't go 5 min without hearing someone talk about it. In fact even this girl is doing an 8 week keto cycle (maybe longer) to see how my body responds. It is my own n1 experiment. Luckily I have an accountabilibuddy and I have amazing meal plans to follow from Healthful Pursuit. Check her out, her info is amazeballs. 

Personally since keto has made a rise in popularity I have been breastfeeding a tiny human or pregnant with a tiny human. Keto would not be the ideal diet to follow while pregnant or even breastfeeding if that is your child's main source of calories. There is limited research though the research is promising. The key factors would include maintaining calories levels upwards of 500 more then their normal daily, hydration, and adjusting to ketosis prior to pregnancy or lactation so the body actually can run on fat as fuel.  

So since everyone is talking about it or doing it...let's talk about it. 

Science Time

Ketogenic diets started during the 1920's when a doctor discovered that you could use fasting to control symptoms of epilepsy. Since fasting for long term with a chronic disease might not work in children he figured out that the body can run on ketones and that dietary ketosis actually works in a similar fashion. 

Ketogenic diets are now being used to control epilepsy, certain cancer symptoms and progression, neurological disorders like Parkinson's, and you guessed it weight. One of the overarching side effects of the keto diet is weight loss. In doing this it helps control blood sugar, and improve our bodies sensitivity to insulin. 

They can be an amazing tool to use for metabolic syndrome, and health improvements in Autoimmune diseases. It can control symptoms and improve wellness outcomes. 

Getting Started

I would say find a great source. There is a lot of bad information out on the interwebs about keto and how to do it. It can be different for everyone when getting going. Some key factors this nutritionist would suggest. 

1. Know your why: is it because your friend needs a buddy, is it for weightloss, what about metabolic health. Write down your why and know what it is. 

2. Get lab work, and measurements: why would you start something without knowing a baseline. If you don't need lab work that is great measure your waistline if nothing else and for the love of god stay off the scale.

3. Plan, plan, plan: meal prep is key, clean out your cupboards, and don't have crap in your house. Have a stock pile of low carb veggies, and quality meat and eggs, some nuts and seeds and berries for days when you might get more carbs. 

4. Work with someone who can help you dial your lifestyle changes in. I have said it before but even coaches need coaches. That is why people like programs like Weight Watchers they provide support. 

5. Don't over do it on snacks: Have some quick keto snacks available like unsweetened jerky, fat bombs, nut butter, coconut oil, celery, cucumber, hard boiled eggs. 

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Matcha Collagen Hemp Heart Bombs

Warm the coconut butter, and coconut oil in a double boiler or bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once melted add in Matcha, stevia and hemp hearts. Line a 5x7 pan with parchement and dump in mixture. Allow to cool and cut into small squares. You can also use silicone molds in fun shapes, I just didn't have any. 

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