Why you need me as your coach

Why you need me as your coach

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When we are driven to change our routine, or habits it can be so much easier with a coach or a buddy. Why do you think people go to the gym, join Crossfit, find a yoga studio. They are looking for their people. Personally I love having people. 

It is this mentality that drives programs like Weight Watchers, and Whole 30 nutrition challenges.

So what happens when you stop going or when the challenge is over? Have you created lasting changes? Did you want to create lasting changes? Were you just hoping to lose a few pounds or figure out if you could really eat cheese or not?

These are questions I often ask my clients.

If you went into a challenge thinking you would make a lasting change and didn’t well guess what your a human being. Here is the deal.

Routine is hard to change.

We love being comfortable in our life and when this is challenged our ego, or subconscious minds want to push back. So what happens when we push back on ourselves? We being to question if the changes are worth it. We start to wonder if we are even capable of making any moves forward in our lives to keep them sustainable.

Guess what we are stronger then the push back. Your mind is a wonderful thing. It is pliable and your mindset can be ruled by you. Here is the other kicker. Having a friend, partner or coach to keep you accountable makes a huge difference.

That is one of the reasons why I have added meal planning with monthly coaching calls into my services. It is easy, keeps people on track and can help support a variety of changes. Also you get personalized meal plans, plus nutrition coaching at a fraction of the cost of a personalized nutrition coaching program.

Meal planning can be daunting, let me take the guess work out. Support can be hard to find and allowing a neutral party to take the wheel lets you really focus on routine change and mind body wellness.

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And because I really just like you all here is a free Easy Peasy Paleo eBook for you! These are a few of the recipes you will get in your meal plans. Enjoy!

Baby Brains and Eyeballs, who wants them?

Baby Brains and Eyeballs, who wants them?

Meals kept simple

Meals kept simple