Guess work be gone! 5 Steps to feeding your humans.

Guess work be gone! 5 Steps to feeding your humans.

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Some days I come home from work and feel wrecked. Some days I have entire days off and the idea of planning meals for my family is soul crushing and I don't want to do it. Luckily I have an amazing new program that for the last couple months has made life so easy! Meals are family friendly, and though some are not winners among the tiny dictators I call my children they generally love most of what I cook.

Seems kind of crazy right when it is my job to help people learn how to incorporate real food into their diet. Teaching about nutrient density and why it is so important is super fun but it also makes meal planning daunting even for a nutritionist. And oy talk about the food guilt when I make a gluten free vegan boxed pizza for dinner (well sometimes).

There are days when running a household, working, trying to blog semi-regularly, keep a social media presence; oh and put my phone down to pay attention to my kids so they don't become little sociopaths because there mom was staring at her phone all day trying to get a good Instagram pic to upload can be overwhelming when the next thing I have to think about AGAIN is whats for dinner.

So here are my tips for keeping kitchen time fun.

1. Find a meal plan you can live with (Guess what I can make them for you! Go here to get started)

2. Keep it simple!

3. Make foods the kids like, and you can live with.

4. It is OK if they and you eat the same thing multiple days in a row

5. Hide vegetables in food. This is a Protip btw!

 Check out the free Kid Friendly meal plan I have created to keep the kids happy, fueled and optimized!  




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